The Stand Easy Club
Well-being Support for ALL Military Veterans, their Families & Partners

We are a purely not-for-profit organisation run entirely by volunteers

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Our mission at The Stand Easy Club, is to provide help, support & encouragement to all military veterans, their families, partners or NOK (T&C’s apply) who are experiencing a wide range of well-being issues.


These typically include; depression, anxiety, social isolation, loneliness and difficulty adjusting to ‘civvy street’.


For many veterans & their loved ones, it can be difficult not only asking for help, but also finding the right kind of help and support. Sadly, therapy alone is not always enough. This is because it is time limited meaning that, by the time the service user gets used to the therapist, there may only be a few weeks of meaningful therapy. Also, it is all to often the case that many support groups fail to understand the needs of veterans in crisis or the most appropriate form of support. Additionally, many support groups offer short term support or even cease to operate leaving vulnerable veterans feeling let down, abandoned and untrusting of such groups.

Additionally, unmarried partners receive very little or no support.

In order to address this problem, the goal of the 'standeasyclub' is to provide a peer led, support group that provides long term practical support to veterans and their partners 6-days-a-week. where the support offered is tailored to each individual based on his or her needs and where each veteran is encouraged to help structure their own support plan.

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What We Do

Here at the stand easy club, we provide a range of services and activities to help veterans & their families on their path to improved well-being.

Our main focus is on the following;


  • To promote positive well-being by providing a range of activities that give the client a sense of 'worth and achievement'

  • To provide signposting, where needed, to partner charities & professional organisations.

  • To work with partner charities in order to provide the widest possible range of services to our service users.

  • To tackle isolation and loneliness by enabling veterans & their partners to make new friends and supporting them to engage with the local community.

  • To provide a range of physical activities that gives participants something to focus on, be creative & achieve a sense purpose.